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03-Dec-2021 Report Review of November. 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
02-Dec-2021 JD Logistics (2618.HK) - Leading technology-driven supply chain solutions and logistics services provider in China HongKong/China Research Team
26-Nov-2021 AAC Technology (2018.HK) - 3Q21 performance lower than expected, Looking forward to rebounding steadily in performance in 4Q21 HongKong/China Samuel Sung
19-Nov-2021 Sanhua (002050.CH) - Negative Factors Are Gradually Dissipating and Profitability Is Expected to Recover from the Beginning of the Fourth Quarter HongKong/China Jing Zhang
16-Nov-2021 Xiaomi Corporation (1810.HK) - Internet of Everything, Monetizing data and services HongKong/China Samuel Sung
05-Nov-2021 Tuopu Group(601689.CH) - Continued High Growth Ratio is Available HongKong/China Jing Zhang
02-Nov-2021 Report Review of Oct. 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
27-Oct-2021 Dongfeng (489.HK) - VOYAH Is Expected to Lead the Company`s Breakthroughs in High-end Brand HongKong/China Jing Zhang
20-Oct-2021 China Resource Power (836.HK) - Review on Recent Price Correction in the Power Industry HongKong/China Research Team
12-Oct-2021 Ming Yuan Cloud Group (909.HK) - Digitalization of the real estate ecological chain, SaaS business maintains rapid growth HongKong/China Samuel Sung
05-Oct-2021 Report Review of Sept. 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
04-Oct-2021 Spring Airlines (601021.CH) - Prominent Business Resilience and Promising Growth Space HongKong/China Jing Zhang
29-Sep-2021 China Resource Power (836.HK) - Rising Coal Price present Entry Opportunities. Beginning of a Multi-Year Rerating Journey for CRP. HongKong/China Research Team
27-Sep-2021 AAC Technology (2018.HK) - GPM fell in 2Q21 qoq in four major businesses, FY21 net profit is still expected to reverse three-year negative growth HongKong/China Samuel Sung
23-Sep-2021 ANTA SPORTS (2020.HK) - Outstanding performance in 1H, Mgmt guidance maintain HongKong/China Timothy Chong
17-Sep-2021 SAIC Motor (600104.CH) - Sales Rebounded, with the Pace of Transformation Accelerated HongKong/China Jing Zhang
16-Sep-2021 Xtep Int`l (1368.HK) - Outstanding performance in 1H21, the five-year plan provides clear development direction HongKong/China Timothy Chong
10-Sep-2021 Q Technology (1478.HK) - 1H21 profits exceed expectations, Future upgrade logic remains unchanged HongKong/China Samuel Sung
08-Sep-2021 HASCO (600741.CH) - Continual Development of the Neutralization Strategy and Accelerated Development of New Business Layout HongKong/China Jing Zhang
03-Sep-2021 LI NING (2331.HK) - 1H21 results beat, core categories sell-through grew rapid HongKong/China Timothy Chong
02-Sep-2021 Report Review of August. 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
26-Aug-2021 Sunny Optical Technology (2382.HK) - 1H21 GMP increase under downgraded specification of smartphone HongKong/China Samuel Sung
25-Aug-2021 SIA (600009.CH) - July Operational Data Review HongKong/China Jing Zhang
23-Aug-2021 Zhongsheng (881.HK) - Eye-catching Performance for After-sales Business and Second-hand Car Business HongKong/China Jing Zhang
19-Aug-2021 CIFI EverSunshine Services (1995.HK) - Positive profit Alert in 1H21, the non-residential business has made a breakthrough HongKong/China Timothy Chong
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