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11-Nov-2019 Tianqi Lithium (002466.CH) Darkness before Dawn HongKong/China Jing Zhang
08-Nov-2019 Report Review of October 2019 HongKong/China Research Team
06-Nov-2019 Hengan (1044.HK) Sanitary napkin business is expected to improve in 2H, e-commerce and other businesses grow fast HongKong/China Tracy Ku
05-Nov-2019 CH ENERGY ENG (3996.HK) Newly signed contracts keep growing, promising in business transformation HongKong/China Leon Duan
04-Nov-2019 GWM (2333.HK) Good Momentum is Expected to Continue in Q4 HongKong/China Jing Zhang
29-Oct-2019 SINOPHARM ACCORD (000028.SZ) Results in line with expectations, revenue remains high growth HongKong/China Leon Duan
28-Oct-2019 Dongfeng (489.HK) Attractive valuation HongKong/China Jing Zhang
23-Oct-2019 Mengniu (2319.HK) Acquisition of Bellamy helping milk powder business development; maintaining whole financial year`s guidelines HongKong/China Tracy Ku
22-Oct-2019 CMS (867.HK) Leading Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion Company HongKong/China Leon Duan
21-Oct-2019 Minth Group (425.HK) New Businesses Began to Score HongKong/China Jing Zhang
15-Oct-2019 BYD (1211.HK) Short-term Profit under Pressure, and Long-term Growth Potential HongKong/China Jing Zhang
11-Oct-2019 Xtep (1368.HK) National policy supporting industry development, multi-brand strategy opening up 1st-tier market HongKong/China Tracy Ku
09-Oct-2019 CH ENERGY ENG (3996.HK) Newly signed contracts and outstanding contract value keep growing stably in 1H2019 HongKong/China Leon Duan
03-Oct-2019 ChinaSoft International (354.HK) - Net profit failed to meet due to the upsurge in costs HongKong/China Terry Li
02-Oct-2019 CR PHARMA (3320.HK) Distribution Business of 1H2019 Keeps Stable HongKong/China Leon Duan
30-Sep-2019 CEA (670 HK) The impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the Company was the lowest among the big-3 Carriers HongKong/China Jing Zhang
27-Sep-2019 Travelsky Technology (696.HK) Interim performance in line, Airline industry will still suffer in the short term HongKong/China Terry Li
25-Sep-2019 Ausnutria (1717.HK) Own-branded goat milk powder business with fast growing trend; opening up elderly market with goat milk powder products HongKong/China Tracy Ku
24-Sep-2019 CEB WATER (1857.HK) Leading Enterprise in Water Environmental Treatment Industry HongKong/China Leon Duan
23-Sep-2019 China Southern Airlines (1055.HK) 2019H Result: Slightly Lower Revenue Growth than Expected, and Sound Control of Cost HongKong/China Jing Zhang
19-Sep-2019 SUNeVision (1686.HK) Satisfactory results with excellent development of data center business HongKong/China Terry Li
17-Sep-2019 CHINA WATER AFFAIRS (855.HK) Kangda`s Reforms Have Seen Initial Results, Synergy Effects Need Time to Reflect HongKong/China Leon Duan
16-Sep-2019 Air China (753.HK) 19H1 Result Review: Accounting Standards Caused Financial Expenses to Surge HongKong/China Jing Zhang
13-Sep-2019 China Resources Beer (291.HK) Acquisition of Heineken helping to open up mid-to high-end market;Looking forward to harvest period HongKong/China Tracy Ku
12-Sep-2019 NetDragon (777.HK) Gaming business performed brilliantly; Eudcation business dropped due to cyclicality of tender business HongKong/China Terry Li
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