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15-Jan-2020 CAERI (601965.CH) High added-value business stepped into growing stage after the new capacity was put into operation HongKong/China Jing Zhang
14-Jan-2020 CANVEST ENV (1381.HK) Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Accelerates HongKong/China Leon Duan
10-Jan-2020 2020 China & Hong Kong Market Investment Strategy Outlook HongKong/China Leon Duan
09-Jan-2020 Report Review of December 2019 HongKong/China Research Team
08-Jan-2020 Fuyao Glass (3606.HK) The Negative Factors are Dissipating and the Glass Giant Is Starting a New Round of Growth HongKong/China Jing Zhang
03-Jan-2020 SH Pharma (2607.HK) Rapid growth in core segments, promising in innovation transformations HongKong/China Leon Duan
02-Jan-2020 FLAT GLASS (6865.HK) Continuous Capacity Expansion and Continuous Prosperity of Photovoltaic Industry Expected HongKong/China Jing Zhang
23-Dec-2019 Tuopu Group (601689.CH) Lightweight and Automotive Electronics Business See Opportunities HongKong/China Jing Zhang
17-Dec-2019 CH ENERGY ENG (3996.HK) Newly signed contracts keep growing HongKong/China Leon Duan
16-Dec-2019 Weichai (2338.HK) Sales Structure Is Improved and Gross Margin Increases Markedly HongKong/China Jing Zhang
10-Dec-2019 CANVEST ENV (1381.HK) New processing capacity in line with expectations HongKong/China Leon Duan
09-Dec-2019 HASCO (600741.CH) Seize the Upgrade Trend to Enhance the Development of Emerging Businesses HongKong/China Jing Zhang
06-Dec-2019 Kingsoft (3888.HK) 2019Q3 in-line; Cloud services plans to spin-off and separate listing HongKong/China Gray Ru
04-Dec-2019 Report Review of November. 2019 HongKong/China Research Team
03-Dec-2019 CHINA WATER AFFAIRS (855.HK) 1H20 performance roughly in line with expectations, core business continues to develop HongKong/China Leon Duan
02-Dec-2019 Navinfo (002405.CH) Daybreak after Discontinued Result HongKong/China Jing Zhang
28-Nov-2019 Ausnutria (1717.HK) Own-branded goat milk powder business with fast growing trend; planning to repurchase shares in the open market HongKong/China Tracy Ku
26-Nov-2019 CR PHARMA (3320.HK) Develop Segments Cooperation, Improve Business Synergy HongKong/China Leon Duan
25-Nov-2019 Geely (175.HK) The trend of product mix upgrading continued with the newly-launched models grow steadily HongKong/China Jing Zhang
19-Nov-2019 CEB WATER (1857.HK) Results of 3Q2019 in Line, M&A Projects Enhance Businesses HongKong/China Leon Duan
18-Nov-2019 GAC (2238.HK) The Upgrade of Self-owned Brands start again HongKong/China Jing Zhang
11-Nov-2019 Tianqi Lithium (002466.CH) Darkness before Dawn HongKong/China Jing Zhang
08-Nov-2019 Report Review of October 2019 HongKong/China Research Team
06-Nov-2019 Hengan (1044.HK) Sanitary napkin business is expected to improve in 2H, e-commerce and other businesses grow fast HongKong/China Tracy Ku
05-Nov-2019 CH ENERGY ENG (3996.HK) Newly signed contracts keep growing, promising in business transformation HongKong/China Leon Duan
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