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06-Apr-2020 SIA (600009.CH) Epidemic impacts short-term 1H Earning, but bearish maybe overreacted HongKong/China Jing Zhang
01-Apr-2020 Report Review of March. 2020 HongKong/China Research Team
25-Mar-2020 Jonjee Hi-Tech (600872.CH) - Production Capacity Increase and Channel Expanded Advanced Orderly HongKong/China Jing Zhang
18-Mar-2020 Sanhua (002050.CH) Consolidated Position as Refrigeration Leader, with high-potential New Business HongKong/China Jing Zhang
11-Mar-2020 GAC (2238.HK) The Epidemic has a Short-term Hurt, But the Effect will be Limited in the Long Run HongKong/China Jing Zhang
05-Mar-2020 CEB WATER (1857.HK) Results of 2019 exceed expectations, price and capacity both rise to promote development HongKong/China Leon Duan
04-Mar-2020 Minth Group (425.HK) Constant positive prospects for the Company`s high-end path HongKong/China Jing Zhang
27-Feb-2020 CANVEST ENV (1381.HK) Relevant policies issued, sector with high certainty HongKong/China Leon Duan
26-Feb-2020 CATL (300750.CH) King of Power Battery Industry, expect to keep benefitting from Matthew`s Effect HongKong/China Jing Zhang
21-Feb-2020 GENERTEC UNI MEDICAL (2666.HK) Transformation of diversified medical service is progressing steadily, refocus recommended HongKong/China Leon Duan
19-Feb-2020 FLAT GLASS (6865.HK) Entered into “Fast Lane” of Long-term Development HongKong/China Jing Zhang
13-Feb-2020 FRONTAGE (1521.HK) Covering both China and the US markets, Professional Advantages of "Two Countries, One System" HongKong/China Leon Duan
12-Feb-2020 JOYSON (600699 CH) Success Advance of Global Integration and Expected Future Result HongKong/China Jing Zhang
06-Feb-2020 Report Review of January. 2020 HongKong/China Research Team
04-Feb-2020 CH ENERGY ENG (3996.HK) Exceed intended newly signed contracts, proportion of non-power business further increase HongKong/China Leon Duan
22-Jan-2020 GWM (2333.HK) Inventory Reduction Led to Considerable Sales Decline in the End Month HongKong/China Jing Zhang
21-Jan-2020 CMS (867.HK) Innovative Development and Transformation Continues HongKong/China Leon Duan
15-Jan-2020 CAERI (601965.CH) High added-value business stepped into growing stage after the new capacity was put into operation HongKong/China Jing Zhang
14-Jan-2020 CANVEST ENV (1381.HK) Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Accelerates HongKong/China Leon Duan
10-Jan-2020 2020 China & Hong Kong Market Investment Strategy Outlook HongKong/China Leon Duan
09-Jan-2020 Report Review of December 2019 HongKong/China Research Team
08-Jan-2020 Fuyao Glass (3606.HK) The Negative Factors are Dissipating and the Glass Giant Is Starting a New Round of Growth HongKong/China Jing Zhang
03-Jan-2020 SH Pharma (2607.HK) Rapid growth in core segments, promising in innovation transformations HongKong/China Leon Duan
02-Jan-2020 FLAT GLASS (6865.HK) Continuous Capacity Expansion and Continuous Prosperity of Photovoltaic Industry Expected HongKong/China Jing Zhang
23-Dec-2019 Tuopu Group (601689.CH) Lightweight and Automotive Electronics Business See Opportunities HongKong/China Jing Zhang
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