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30-Nov-2023 Kumpulan Kitacon Bhd – Resilience and Growth - KITACONs Winning Strategy Recommendation - BUY Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
30-Nov-2023 Infoline Tec Group Bhd – An Under Radar IT Stock Recommendation - BUY Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
22-Sep-2023 We like Genetec for their wide moat business of “building the machine that builds the machine”, producing custom-tailored assembly lines for electric vehicle (EV) battery packs and regenerative braking systems for global industry leaders such as Tesla. At an undemanding valuation of 18.2x forward PE, we recommend Genetec as a BUY for its key role in the EV value chain. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
27-Jul-2023 “DXN is the only Malaysian direct selling company with a vertical integrated supply chain, Long-term BUY on DXN.” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
23-Jun-2023 "We expect Sunway healthcare segment to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 19.6% from 2023-26, Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
21-Jun-2023 “BjFood has been oversold post FY3Q23 results Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
20-Apr-2023 We like Sunview for its strong unbilled order book of RM687m and potentially benefit from the government initiative project to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. We have a BUY call on the stock as it is trading at FY24 PE of 11x which is more compelling than Samaiden at 15x and Solarvest at 21x. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
19-Apr-2023 Operating in a duopolistic environment, Carlsberg has created a strong economic moat with consistent growth in revenue, earnings and dividends over the years. Going into FY23, we expect Carlsberg to record stronger earnings, premised by the full reflection of price hikes and stronger foreign tourist arrivals that drive beer sales. Given the share price has declined c.12% in the past 2 months, it is currently trading at forward FY23 PE of 19x which is slightly below -1.5 standard deviation from the 5-year mean. With attractive dividend yield of 4.7%., we recommend to ACCUMULATE on weakness for long-term investment. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
19-Apr-2023 T7 Global Bhd (“T7G”) – “Diversifying into Recurring Businesses” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
23-Mar-2023 Prices of glove stocks plunged from Nov-20 high and investors are wondering where is the bottom. There are indications that the glove sector has probably reached its lowest point and is now beginning to turn around? Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
27-Feb-2023 We like Hong Leong Industries( HLInd) for their steady Yamaha motorcycle business in Malaysia and Vietnam. At a relatively cheap valuation of 10.5x forward PE and an attractive dividend yield of 6.1%, we recommend HLInd a BUY for its matured but steady business especially for conservative investors. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
14-Feb-2023 While contribution from other business segments i.e. Web 3, commercialisation of various new services i.e. blockchain & tokenisation investment in Malaysia, China and Philippines; is likely to mitigate the lost revenue and earnings from FY2026 onwards, the direct impact on foreign worker registration is substantial. Nonetheless, the current weak market sentiment means MyEG is good for longer term investment as the online payment capability of MyEG is still intact. We recommend to Buy. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
03-Jan-2023 "Overall, among the 42 stocks recommended over the past three years, 24 stocks had outperformed the local bourse with some stayed in green territory despite 2022 being a difficult year. The stocks recommended also outperformed the FBMKLCI in each of the three years for the stocks that were recommended." Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
03-Jan-2023 “2023 is the year of Water Rabbit and is predicted to be a year of hope. Hence, will the Water Rabbit bring us what we lacked in 2022, which is peace and success, as we navigate through the looming global recession?” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
30-Dec-2022 Focus Point is expected to deliver resilient 4Q22 result given the seasonal uptick in demand for optical related products during year end. We are positive on its efforts to expand its corporate clienteles for both optical and F&B divisions as this will provide a recurring and stable income stream. It is currently trading at attractive forward PE of 8.5x with 4.2% dividend yield. Given the share price has been appreciated c.18% in the past 1 month, we recommend BUY on weakness on FocusP. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
20-Dec-2022 “We like KGB for its strong orderbook replenishment with latest new contracts secured reached a new high of RM1.36b. We recommended KGB in Jul 20 and it has done very well. Now, we still have a BUY call on the stock as it is trading at 18.1x PE based on EPS 8.1sen FY23F, which is more compelling than most technology stocks that are trading between 21x-30x PE.” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
07-Dec-2022 The recently secured FPSOs with higher charter rates due to tight FPSO market is slated to elevate Yinson earnings moving forward. FPSO Agogo is just one step away from official award as it received upfront prelim capex funding from its client. We recommend Yinson a BUY ON WEAKNESS for its ability in generating recurring, long-term income stream. Currently trading at FY24 PE of 10.6x vs. its 5-yr average PE of 20.1x, we deem it attractive to participate in a recurring, exciting growth business. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
22-Nov-2022 For the first time in Malaysian history, no coalition obtained enough seats to form a government with a simple majority after GE15. Subsequently, a unity government is established, led by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is declared to be the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia. How will this new political landscape affect the Malaysian market... Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
28-Oct-2022 “Despite the poor operating environment for developers facing various headwinds like rising interest rates and high raw material costs, Lagenda is not much affected. Lagenda customers are primarily civil servants who can access 100% financing up to RM200k at a fixed rate of 4% pa, and the raw material costs have been easing recently. Its share price has dropped 13% YTD and is currently trading at FY23 PE of only 4x and a 7% forward dividend yield. Hence, we recommend BUY on Lagenda.” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
30-Sep-2022 “YTD MPI has corrected 42% this year and this presents a good opportunity to accumulate due to its compelling valuation, robust sales pipeline, earnings growth prospects, anchored by their expansion roadmap in resilient sectors and strong balance sheet “ Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
26-Sep-2022 “Since 2017, Kawan has been facing several headwinds including hiccups in new plant transfer as well as temporary plant shut down and rising raw material costs due to Covid-19 pandemic. As the new plant is now operating smoothly and the raw material costs have shown signs of easing in recent months, we believe the worst is over for Kawan. Its share price has appreciated c.32% YTD and currently is trading at estimated FY22 PE of 20x. Hence, we recommend BUY on weakness on Kawan.” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
26-Aug-2022 “YTD Vitrox is down 25.7%, amid rotational plays in a rising rate environment and persistently high inflation, the steep de-rating growth of technology stocks to a level of unseen since 2019 was surprise, since the sector fundamentals remain sound. Hence, this presents a great opportunity for investors to buy into Vitrox, which is backed by structural growth catalysts, favourable forex and sensible valuation.” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
22-Aug-2022 Swift Haulage Bhd (“SWIFT”) – “Trucks in the Running” Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
08-Jun-2022 InNature is expected to benefit from growing demand for natural-based beauty products, especially from Vietnam and Cambodia. We opine the worst is over for InNature and its long-term growth prospect is back on track following the ease in lockdown measures. The recent sell down on the stock provides an opportunity to accumulate. We recommend a Long Term BUY for InNature. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
13-May-2022 Eyes are the windows of one’s soul! Optimax is a good long term investment for investors to ride on the increasing ageing and myopic population in Malaysia. Besides, Optimax further cements the legs for multi-year growth with a well-planned expansion roadmap. Presently trading at FY2023 PE of 19.7x as compared to historical PE mean of 30x, we recommend a Long Term BUY on Optimax. Malaysia Malaysia Research Team
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