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17-Jun-2022 GWM (2333.HK) - Sales Structure Is Continuously Optimized HongKong/China Jing Zhang
14-Jun-2022 361 DEGREES INT. (1361) - 1Q2022 retail sales growth of e-commerce products accelerated HongKong/China Eric Li
07-Jun-2022 ASM Pacific Technology Limited (522.HK) - Might lead to weak sales in 2H 2022 HongKong/China Eric Li
06-Jun-2022 Yongda (3669 HK) - Pre-owned Cars and NEV Came into Fast Lane HongKong/China Jing Zhang
02-Jun-2022 Report Review of May 2022 HongKong/China Research Team
25-May-2022 CR Pharmaceutical (3320.HK) - Promote digital transformation and M&A cooperation to create competitive advantage through innovation and differentiation HongKong/China Victoria Wei
04-May-2022 Report Review of April. 2022 HongKong/China Research Team
25-Apr-2022 Geely (175.HK) - Electrification Upgrading Is Accelerating HongKong/China Jing Zhang
21-Apr-2022 Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (388.HK) - 2021 earnings up 9% slightly miss expectations HongKong/China Eric Li
12-Apr-2022 Cathay Pacific (293.HK) - Expect to rebound due to eased epidemic control HongKong/China Jing Zhang
06-Apr-2022 Report Review of March 2022 HongKong/China Research Team
04-Apr-2022 Tam Jai International Co., LTD. (2217.HK) - Representative of Asian noodle shops, extensive restaurant network supports continuous growth HongKong/China Research Team
10-Mar-2022 Xtep International (1368.HK) - Positive profit alert with 2021 earnings up by no less than 70% HongKong/China Eric Li
03-Mar-2022 SIA (600009.CH) - The Overall Listing Plan Price Is Determined and the Results Are Approaching an Inflection Point HongKong/China Jing Zhang
02-Mar-2022 Report Review of February. 2022 HongKong/China Research Team
23-Feb-2022 361 DEGREES INT. (1361.HK) - 4Q2021 Recorded High Teens Growth Strong momentum in Kids` segment, Lower-Tier Retail Market HongKong/China Eric Li
14-Feb-2022 Weichai (2338.HK) - Industry is expected to bottom out HongKong/China Jing Zhang
09-Feb-2022 Wanfeng Auto Wheel (002085.CH) - The short-term impact of the pandemic does not change the long-term growth logic HongKong/China Jing Zhang
07-Feb-2022 Report Review of January 2022 HongKong/China Research Team
14-Jan-2022 JD.com, Inc. (9618.HK) - Tencent to distribute JD`s shares as dividend Sell-off pressure for near-term HongKong/China Eric Li
13-Jan-2022 GAC (2238.HK) - New Energy Vehicles Accelerate the Development HongKong/China Jing Zhang
04-Jan-2022 Report Review of December 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
23-Dec-2021 Minth Group (425.HK) - The Battery Housing Business Exerts Full Strength HongKong/China Jing Zhang
13-Dec-2021 Nongfu Spring Co., LTD. (9633.HK) - World-class packaged drinking water enterprise; dual-engine development enables diversified product varieties HongKong/China Chloe Chan
03-Dec-2021 Report Review of November. 2021 HongKong/China Research Team
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